Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How to avoid becoming Bridezilla

Having spent the past week indulging myself with this blog - writing about myself, my wedding, my dress, etc etc - I am very aware that (as scary as it is) every bride has the potential to become a complete and utter Bridezilla. For this reason, here are a few things I have to keep reminding myself of...


  • listen to your mother when she tells you that 2-hours is more than enough time for your hairdresser to get you ready. It's okay to share him. 
  • remember that the wedding budget is not an unlimited pot of gold. (NB. If you don't take this one seriously, then be prepared for a Butlin's honeymoon in Skegness). 
  • make sure to ask the Groom-to-be what he thinks. Your wedding is not a one-woman show.
  • have a sense of humour. Weddings can be crazy, families can be crazier, and the bride tends to be the craziest of all. 


  • expect everyone to talk/think about your wedding all the time. They are not unemployed and obsessive like you lucky enough to have lots of free time. 
  • spend all day sitting on your arse watching "Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress". You might find it funny now, but if you don't get up and do some exercise, you might not be laughing in 6 months time when your perfect dress doesn't fit. 
  • fuss over every tiny little bit of dust on your wedding dress. It's the trail. It trails along the floor. What do you expect?  
  • spend more time blogging about planning the wedding than actually planning the wedding. (This one might be quite difficult). Having ten more followers won't be much compensation when you realise you've forgotten to order the wedding cake. 

Is there anything you can add to this list? I would love to hear your thoughts/advice on how to avoid becoming Bridezilla... 


  1. Do:

    Get wedding insurance - for one of those bridezilla moments when you chuck your cake at someone for something.

    Get a back up hair dresser.

    Keep a comedian to hand.

    Get someone to hold the back of your dress - no dust.

    Put Butlins on speed dial...

  2. Do: understand how incredibly jealous your friends are!

    my mum always told me there's a really fine line between knowing what i want and being a brat, but in my eyes, if you can't be a diva for your wedding then when can you, so bridezilla away, just remember to tell us about it so we can live vicariously through you!


  3. You can also avoid becoming a bride-zilla by giving your family only two weeks to prepare for your wedding (like I did). Just getting a cake and flowers in that length of time is the best you can hope for, never mind what flavor / color / etc. It was a stressful two weeks, but really in the long run, the best decision.

  4. Kaajal you are my comedian and back-up hairdresser (in addition to your role as make-up lady)!! :-)

    Haha Zoe! Thanks for the encouragement. I will DEFINITELY be sharing my Bridezilla stories with you... and despite my good intentions, I am sure there will be many...

    Paula did you really organise a wedding in only two weeks? That is amazing! I am very impressed!

  5. Point 3 on your "do" list sounds very nice to me.
    Where is Skegness by the way? <3

  6. Learn all about Skegness here...

    (I definitely think we will prefer Mauritius... or Hawaii... or Thailand)



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