Friday, 29 April 2011

Sealed with a kiss

I have spent all morning waiting to see Wills and Kate kiss. What happened to, “you may now kiss the bride”? Something about decorum, I guess. Oh well. At least there were two quick snogs dignified kisses on the balcony after the ceremony. It was a great moment, watching the future King and Queen in a lip-lock, for the entire world to bask in their Royal glory. Just lovely.

It’s not just the Royal family that are keen on some kissing decorum at weddings. Indian weddings are much the same. Lip-on-lip-action is definitely a no-go. When me and my Prince get married in August – and the registrar, I’m sure, will say “you may now kiss the bride” – there will inevitably be an awkward brush of the lips, as an acknowledgement of our new marital status. Not so much sealed with a kiss – more like sealed with an embarrassing peck on the cheek, with an “accidental” touch of the lips. Wills and Kate may have sealed their Royal Wedding with a Royal Kiss, but we will be sealing our Indian Wedding with some good old-fashioned Indian Kissing (i.e. no kissing at all/kissing behind an umbrella – honestly, that’s what they do in Bollywood movies, the true guides to Indian daily life).

I don’t feel hard done by, though, so don’t worry. I have been saying since I was a child that kissing on the lips is beyond gross. Thank god I won’t be doing any of that. 

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Don’t worry; I am not referring to my own wedding. I don’t actually think I am a princess, no matter how much I might behave like one at times. No, I am talking about The Royal Wedding. I am, unashamedly, quite excited about the whole affair. Perhaps it’s because I am in the ‘wedding mood’, given that this Bride-to-be’s big day is just around the corner. Or maybe it’s because I – unlike most people in the country – will actually be working tomorrow, albeit from home, and need something to get me through the day. Either way, I am excited.

Did you know that 1,900 people have been invited to attend their wedding? And here I was complaining about my ever-increasing guest list. I have to say, Wills and Kate will be putting my not-so-big-fat-Indian-German-wedding to shame. And did you know that it has been predicted that there will be an extra 600,000 people in London tomorrow? Wow. And I was chuffed about a handful of people coming from abroad for my big day.

On the other hand, there have definitely been some Royal Wedding blunders that I will do my best to avoid come August. For example, unlike the Royal family, I will not be inviting the Syrian ambassador, or any other such person representative of violence/anti-democracy/general evil – unless you count that Aunty that I must invite, she can be a right cow sometimes. And I certainly won’t be inviting the Beckham family, given that I’d much rather have Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell as guests. Having said that, I am sure that they would reject my invitation anyway.

Whatever the differences, the blunders, the general mayhem, Kate is occupying most of my thoughts today. I am wondering if she is feeling scared? Excited? Sick with nervousness? Whatever it may be, I am sure that I will be feeling much the same in August, as I, too, will be getting ready to marry my Prince.

PS. I might not be living in a palace, but I get to have FOUR wedding outfits (yep, three more than Kate). I think that definitely makes me more of a princess than her.