Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A very busy Bride-to-be

Dear Diary, 

It's me, the Bride-to-be. Do you remember me? I told you about my big Indian wedding, my beautiful dress, my fear of henna... and so many more things. Surely you remember me? I know it has been a long time, and I know it is my fault, but wait, I can explain. Give me a chance. I haven't kept you up-to-date with my wedding plans because I am now... employed.

That's right. Instead of writing updates on here, I have been writing reports, there. And instead of spending hours planning the wedding itinerary, I have been spending my time in a repetitive work-eat-sleep routine. And instead of indulging in wedding-cake tasting sessions, I have been buying cupcakes for my colleagues to buy their affection with delicious baked goods extend the hand of friendship (come on now, I know a cupcake is definitely the way to win me over). 

On the plus side, I am no longer an unemployed Bride-to-be. Now, when I get married, I will not be relying on the Groom-to-be to fend for us both. No, I will definitely be bringing home my share of the bacon. And - even more exciting - I will be able to buy my lucky man a wedding ring! (Yep, before I got this job, my parents were going to do the honours... lucky guy huh?). And, I now have something more than just my blog to talk about. Please don't be offended, diary, I don't mean it like that, I am just happy that my encounters with people no longer go like this: 

Person: so, what do you do?
Me: nothing. Well, actually, I write a blog. About my wedding. 
Person: (thinking to themself, wow, that is lame). Good for you! 

Okay, so maybe that isn't what happened. I do tend to get a little paranoid. Either way, it is certainly a wonderful thing to have a more enriching and fulfilling day-to-day life. However, having spent so much time away, it does feel good to be back. 

And just like I vow to love and cherish my Groom-to-be until the end of time (or, at least, the end of our seven lifetimes together - more on that later), I vow to you - diary - that I will be devoted to you until the end... of July. Come on, some sort of commitment is better than no commitment at all, right?