Friday, 28 January 2011

The "crying bit"

Despite all the vibrant colours, glamorous clothes and stacks of presents involved in Indian weddings, I have to admit that there is one part that I am really dreading. While the official name of this dreaded aspect is "vidaai", I often refer to it as the "crying bit". 

Have you ever had to cry on demand? Because this is basically what it entails. While this post-wedding ritual/extremely odd tradition allows the bride's family to openly express their sadness at "losing" a daughter, it also gives the bride a chance to smudge her make-up and snot all over her expensive clothes. 

At my sister's wedding (four years ago), when the "crying bit" came, I was worried that if I didn't cry, I would look like the evil sister who couldn't wait to see her go. 


However, when the moment came, I was a big ball of snot and tears. I, too, shamelessly jumped on the crying bandwagon, and - in a frighteningly honest public display of affection - cried hysterically at the thought of "losing" my sister. 

Of course, I didn't really lose her. And of course, my parents won't really lose me. This is all very dramatic and belongs - ultimately - to the realms of overly-emotional Bollywood movies. (The kind your parents watch on a Sunday afternoon, while sipping tea and tearfully reminiscing about days gone by). 

But do you know what the worst part is? Not the melodrama, not the scary make-up effects, and not even the uncontrollable snot (because, let's face it, the Groom-to-be has already married you - be as snotty as you like, it's simply too late). The worst part is (for me anyway) the "stress rash" I get when I cry too much. That's right: big, angry, red blotches that cover my entire body like a patchwork (or cruel joke) of nature. 

In Juliet's words (well, Shakespeare's), "parting is such sweet sorrow". She obviously didn't need an antihistamine. 


  1. Here's hoping you get a romantic misty-eyed kind of crying on, instead of the full blotchy look! I'm sure you'll be reet. At what point of the ceremony can we expect tears?

    So much to learn! I'm so excited about your wedding Meera. xx

  2. Ohmygod Meera, whenever I cry my whole face goes red and blotchy, theres not a whole much you can do about it but get some urban decay eyeshadow primer and waterproof makeup and at least your eye make up will stay in tact!

  3. you should! also, this one is not as good but loads cheaper

  4. Thanks Zoe!

    Chloe - I am going to try and compose a summary of the ceremony so you all know what will happen and when! Can't wait to see you, my love xxx


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