Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to be a happy wife

With the wedding only two and a half months away, me and my dedicated team of wedding planners (i.e. my mum and my aunty) are in overdrive. With colour schemes and themes to fix on the one hand, and guest lists and table plans to finalise on the other, there is little time to do much else. Time is flying, and I am only just beginning to feel the magnitude of what is soon to happen. In only two and a half months, I will be walking down the aisle and making the biggest commitment of my life.

Am I ready? Is my Groom-to-be ready? What will life as a ‘wife’ really be like?

And, more importantly, will marriage bring with it a multitude of delights? (i.e. Breakfast in bed, romantic getaways, general daily worship). Or will it be more of a slow and steady decline into middle-aged marital boredom? (i.e. Snoring, smelly socks all over the place, general daily annoyances).

I wonder if I can find any wisdom hidden in the world of stardom... Following the day-to-day antics of the fast and famous, here are a few mantras I believe I should be following:

1. Do get your sass on. Being a wife does not – and must not – equal becoming frumpy. I intend to retain my youthful style for as long as I can, and aim to be as glamorous as my shopping sprees in H&M will allow me.

Looking her best: Angelina wore a show stopping floor-length gown

Here is one sassy lady who seems to have no trouble maintaining herself and her wifely duties (even though she isn’t, technically, a wife).

2. Do follow Beyonce and Jay-Z’s excellent example of keeping private matters... well... private. There is simply no class in discussing personal details – good or bad – with the rest of the world!

Beyonce and Jay-Z, loved up, and classily dignified.

3. Do believe in fairy-tales. Forget Will and Kate, I’m talking about the real fairy-tales... Cinderella and Prince Charming (although there’s no way that I can relate to dusty ol’ Cinderella), Princess Jasmine and Aladdin (much better – although I’m sure my darling Groom-to-be will not appreciate being compared to a ‘street rat’)... oh well, regardless of which faily-tale couple I hope to emulate, it is indeed the fairy-tale life of romantic bliss that I intend to live.

And they lived happily ever after.

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