Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Don’t worry; I am not referring to my own wedding. I don’t actually think I am a princess, no matter how much I might behave like one at times. No, I am talking about The Royal Wedding. I am, unashamedly, quite excited about the whole affair. Perhaps it’s because I am in the ‘wedding mood’, given that this Bride-to-be’s big day is just around the corner. Or maybe it’s because I – unlike most people in the country – will actually be working tomorrow, albeit from home, and need something to get me through the day. Either way, I am excited.

Did you know that 1,900 people have been invited to attend their wedding? And here I was complaining about my ever-increasing guest list. I have to say, Wills and Kate will be putting my not-so-big-fat-Indian-German-wedding to shame. And did you know that it has been predicted that there will be an extra 600,000 people in London tomorrow? Wow. And I was chuffed about a handful of people coming from abroad for my big day.

On the other hand, there have definitely been some Royal Wedding blunders that I will do my best to avoid come August. For example, unlike the Royal family, I will not be inviting the Syrian ambassador, or any other such person representative of violence/anti-democracy/general evil – unless you count that Aunty that I must invite, she can be a right cow sometimes. And I certainly won’t be inviting the Beckham family, given that I’d much rather have Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell as guests. Having said that, I am sure that they would reject my invitation anyway.

Whatever the differences, the blunders, the general mayhem, Kate is occupying most of my thoughts today. I am wondering if she is feeling scared? Excited? Sick with nervousness? Whatever it may be, I am sure that I will be feeling much the same in August, as I, too, will be getting ready to marry my Prince.

PS. I might not be living in a palace, but I get to have FOUR wedding outfits (yep, three more than Kate). I think that definitely makes me more of a princess than her.

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